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About Us

****While filling out your application, when you are asked; "Character name & days played on that character:" please also respond with your Battle Tag or your Real ID.****

Typical Weekly Schedule:
Monday: Off
Tuesday: Regularly scheduled raid.
Wednesday: Regularly scheduled raid.
Thursday: Regularly scheduled raid.
Friday: Off
Saturday: Off
Sunday: Optional Alt or Achievement runs. ~8:00pm server invites

Raid Schedule per Time Zones: Tuesday / Wednesday / Thursday
Pacific – invites @ 5:55, raid from 6-10.
Mountain – invites @ 6:55, raid from 7-11.
Central – invites @ 7:55, raid from 8-12. <– Server time.
Eastern – invites @ 8:55, raid from 9-1.

GM & Officers:
Guild Master: Shennin
Officers: Adila / Bloodsowrd / Hyeapero / Kaeo

Other Ranks Explained:
Raider: Part of the main progression raiding team.
Recruit: Potential raiders who are in their Trial Period.
Members: Friends & Family members of the guild.
Alts: Raider and Member Alts.

Raid Readiness: Learning a new boss will most likely require a large amount of consumables, i.e. flasks/elixirs/pots/food.

Raid Awareness: Divine Vigilance expects you to come to the fight knowing what the basics of a boss encounter are. Multiple sources of information are at your disposal i.e. Dungeon Journal, YouTube, Tankspot, IcyVeins, or our own strat write ups.Angry Assignments: Required Addon that cuts down on explanation time on progression and farm bosses.

Mumble: Keep mumble clear, dont tell us why you died unless we ask. If you have input, it is greatly welcomed but only before or after an attempt. Outside of raids feel free to hang out, get to know us and speak as much as you want.

Your Character: The best gear obtainable outside of raid instances is mandatory. All items must be enchanted and socketed with the best enchants and gems. Don’t waste your time or ours by applying to us with an incomplete character.

Loot: Divine Vigilance is a Wishlist Loot Council driven raid.

Competition: Openings for raid spots can be competitive and you may not be guaranteed a raid spot every time, especially during your trial period.

Warcraft Logs: Divine Vigilance uses Warcraft Logs for every raid. It is a valuable tool to improve your rotation and survivability. Refer to it every night, whether you are in for all the fights or not. See what we are doing vs. what you are doing.

Trial Period: The Trial Period will last 4 weeks. It is possible that it could be extended or shortened under special circumstances such as great play, missing a raid week, or inconsistent play.

Feedback: You will receive ample feedback from an officer during your application. You MUST be able to receive it and build off of it. If you are not someone that can take criticism, be it privately or openly, you may want to consider another guild.